MMM Participants Rejoices In Nigeria Aloud As The Scheme Returns

Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM) is said to be back from a month frozen holiday, and the Nigerians are participating from this scheme are happy that their hope comes back live.

Over Three million Nigerians hase been investing in this ponzi scheme of member help member and many has been   sustaining their living through the system in the 2016.

But in December last year (2016), the story changed, when over three million members of the scheme got terribly disappointed as the system deprived them of getting their money, telling them to wait till after a month, so that the festive period would be gone. This became confusing, as rumours gone viral on social media that all participants were scammed. This got them in lugubrious state, and panic level.

Today, it's a different story again, as the scheme surprisingly returns back to function.

Many were so filled with joy, that they had to throw party  and celebrate like never before.

We at we rejoice with though. 

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