Scam Report Is False - Says Cancer Patient's Sister

Today, July 28, 2016, there were reports that the #SaveMayowa which was a campaign to raise funds for Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat who has stage IV ovarian cancer was a scam by her family members to take money from innocent Nigerians.
According to these unconfirmed reports doctors in LUTH had already told Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat's family that her case was advanced and it was too late for her to be saved but the family still went ahead to raise funds by deceiving Nigerians that her cancer was curable.
Also Toyin Aimakhu who spearheaded the movement to save Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat's life yesterday took to her Instagram page to say that the #SaveMayowa campaign was fake and Nigerians should stop donating.
"Please to the public this is so fake, no more GoFunds on behalf of Mayowa and whoever is behind this shame on you. Please disregard any information/s about her pls.
If you need any info please kindly get in touch with me please and will bring more info tonight again, whoever created this acct shame on you again and lastly to all our Pastors, Alfas and traditionalists and everyone please she needs our prayers more now please and I’m sure god wants to use Mayowa case to let us know we Nigerians love ourselves and we are the best country in the world.", she wrote on her page.
Toyin Aimakhu took a step further by taking members of the Nigerian police force to LUTH to arrest Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat's brothers. You can see her in LUTH today in the videos below;
Via Pulse Celebs
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