7 Companies Guys Works With That Can Make Ladies Quickly Date Or Marry Them

The need for financial stability is one of the main key if not the main key to win a lady’s heart.
Therefore in a society like ours and perhaps others, the competition to marry rich dudes is increasing day by day due to the current harsh economy.
For instance, guys have u ever wonder why a monkey looking man is married to or dating a beautiful lady while fine boy is being rejected or dumped by ladies? The answer is Money.
However, ladies at the hearing of where some guys work can make them quickly initiate green-light mode for love leading to relationship/marriage because of their earning and these companies are;
Oil and Gas
A guy working with shell, exxonmobile, chevron, schlumberger, etc is a big boy. Guys in this category attract ladies like ant to a sugar source because ladies know their worries for financial help is over.
Blue Chip
FMCG guys especially the sales force team are well paid and looking even much better than those working in AC environment. This category of guys do not only have money but also their mouth is so sweet tongue that ladies find it hard to resist their proposal.
If a guy approach a lady and say “My name is Michael, I am a pilot in Etihad airways”. Even if the lady is not in the mood to entertain stranger, hearing “Pilot” alone will raise her eyebrow.
Telecom guys have swags and confidence that can make ladies easily fall for them. Due to the fame in the industry as they sponsor many shows and pay celebrity massive money, the brand name speaks for them and gets ladies attention quickly.
Medical field
Doctors don’t look for jobs and are well paid. As a result of this, Ladies accept doctor’s proposal and wish to settle on time with them.
Ladies are fun of fronting their boyfriends especially if he is working with Air force and Navy. Ladies love guys on uniform with richly en downed pocket.
Gradually this is falling out of the favourites but still pay well for employees. Ladies are attracted to guys who walk in banks like GTB, 1st bank, Zenith and few among others. Their good looking and charming smile coupled with their stable financial income is a green light for ladies.
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