Katy Perry closer to convent purchase, but hurdles remain

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Singer Katy Perry is closer to keeping a rather coveted Los Angeles convent from becoming "The One That Got Away" after a judge's decision tossing out a prior sale.
Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick on Wednesday "Unconditionally" tossed out a previous sale by nuns living in the convent, saying they didn't have authority to sell it without the approval of church officials.
Perry wants to buy the scenic convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary -- which comes with a swimming pool and a sweeping view of the San Gabriel Mountains -- for a reported $14.5 million.
The convent's five remaining nuns -- who could hardly be considered "California Gurls" -- apparently chose restaurateur Dana Holister's $15.5 million offer over Perry's "Dark Horse" offer in part because they didn't like the singer's sexy body of work, according to reports.
But the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which wants to sell the property to Perry, said in effect that the convent is "Part of Me" and filed suit last year to block the sale on grounds that the nuns did not have the authority to sell it without the approval of church officials.
    And while a "Wide Awake" attorney for the nuns, John Scholnick, says they are considering an appeal, Perry's lawyer said with a "Roar" that he's confident the sale will go forward.
    "We will file the necessary paperwork to move forward with the purchase immediately," Perry's attorney, Eric Rowen, said not "Last Friday Night" but on Thursday.
    The Archdiocese said it was pleased by the ruling, even if it wasn't a "Teenage Dream."
    Church officials said in a statement that they didn't want to launch the "Firework" over the sale but had no choice.
    "The Archdiocese was forced to take legal action to protect all the five sisters from being taken advantage of by the Dana Hollister transaction in which Hollister improperly took possession of their property for only $44,000 in cash and a contingent promissory note," the church said in a statement.
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