Future Says Ciara’s Last Album Was a Flop

Future and Ciaras ugly year continues as the two rage on to settle their issues in court. 
Ciara hit her ex-fiancé and co-parent with a $15 million defamation lawsuit after Future tweeted saying that she was a “b***h” and a “bad mom.” In another low blow, Future also decided to bring her career into the conversation.
As reported, the rap superstar refers to his ex’s last album as a “flop,” going on to say that she hasn’t won very many awards since 2013.
While he may not be wrong, taking their fighting words to a career level is a low blow. He did admit that her fan base is “reasonably large,” but included shade in the back-handed compliment.
Hopefully things can smooth out as time goes on, but in the meantime, petty is as petty does. 
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