50 Cent Discovers He Has Third Son, Touts His Achievements

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Over the weekend 50 Cent took to Instagram – not to show off stacks of money or promote his Effen Vodka. Instead, the Queens rapper revealed that he has a third son, one he met just minutes before we did.
While it’s publicly unclear as to who the mother is, 50 did show us a picture of Davian, who is seen crying tears of joy accompanied by a large grin. “My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN,” Fif captioned in the post. “He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this sh*t. LMAO.”
Subsequent postings on 50’s ‘Gram included a message from what could be perceived as a teacher’s report on Davian’s behavioral development, which was quite positive. “I JUST GOT THIS,  DAMN I NEVER DID This good,” he wrote in the post’s caption. He also posted a pic of his new found son dressed to impress.
Sounds like 50 Cent’s excited about being a father to at least one of his kids. He’s recently been putting his oldest son Marquise and his mother on blast. Quise replied through a comment on an Instagram post his father made recently.
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