Time for Tinubu to talk to Buhari

By Charles S Uzoukwu
IDEALLY, experience should always be seen to prevail over inexperience. In that wise, those who know better, ought to showcase their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure proper ap­praisal of their actions. Therefore, one is constrained to call on Your Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Con­gress (APC), to tell President Muham­madu Buhari that his style of politics is not only strange but also antithetical. It is disheartening that some of those who made sacrifices to effect the de­sired change are today left in the cold to lick their wounds. Think of people who were in opposition for 16 years; after the successful change of guards, naturally looked forward to a new lease of life. But alas! Many are now regretting.
Dear Asiwaju, you’re most qualified to tell Mr President that in our clime, politics is business: people do not play politics just for charity, rather to reap from their investment, and to serve. Peo­ple who risked their lives to ensure that Buhari got elected this time, after three previous failed attempts, are now forgot­ten and have become subjects of mock­ery. You are not only the National Leader of your party, the APC; you are equally among the most experienced politicians in this country. So, be bold to tell Mr President that his actions and inactions in this regard will affect the fortunes of your party in future. He was given ap­proval by the 8th Senate to appoint 18 advisers. Yet, as at today, Nigerians can­not factor, who his political, economic and other key advisers are.
Some of your members are worried that those who never participated in the struggle, and even former opposition members, are now reaping the fruits of their labour. Remind our President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces that there were party loyalists who laid their lives for Buhari to become President. Tell him, as much as Nigeri­ans applaud his corruption crusade, there is no question that the country cannot af­ford to pay appointees and civil servants promptly. After all, the President and his team have been able to save N2.2 trillion from the TSA gambit.
Yours truly is not a member of the APC. I’m just an observer who is sym­pathetic to those who boasted that Mr President is an astute politician that will not bite the finger that fed him. There­fore, as the National Leader of APC, you owe your followers a duty to draw Bu­hari’s attention to this anomaly. If you disappoint them, there is a possibility that rescue and deliverance of those who feel used and dumped by the APC may come from another party. Do remind him that in politics, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interest. You are a witness to the gale of defections from other parties to APC, after your electoral victory.
• Uzoukwu wrote in from Abuja.

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