President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Tango With Argentinian Dancers

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tango

While First Lady Michelle Obama has hailed husband President Barack Obama as her "favorite dance partner," she opted to groove with a different dapper gentleman while visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday. 
During the State Dinner at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, the 52-year-old leading lady sparkled in a lavender cocktail dress adorned with crystal embellishments as she took the hand of an Argentinian tango dancer and tried her hand at the centuries-old style. 
Moments earlier, a hesitant president was also invited out onto the dance floor by an Argentinian tango performer shimmering in a silver halter dress. According to White House reporters, while he "initially demurred," President Obama eventually grew confident with the idea and took her hand to dance. We can't blame him—performing the legendary dance of Argentina can be quite daunting even with rehearsal!
Fortunately for the couple, they were able to get an idea of how the dance should look by watching the professional couple's performance for the crowd earlier in the evening. The couple took the faux stage in front of the table of officials, including Argentinian president Mauricio Macri, to perform a fast-paced routine of dips, spins and high kicks for the guests. 
At one point during their performance, Macri appeared to explain elements of the dance to President Obama, according to White House reports. 
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, TangoAP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
It was as if Macri knew the president and first lady would soon have their own turn with the dancers. 
Both showed some finesse as they tangoed away—the first lady in a frame position while the president held his arm pointed outward with his partner in the traditional tango pose. 
The female dancer also gave us serious muscle envy as she lifted and pointed her left leg off the ground, showing off her toned calves and strong arm.  
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, TangoAP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
No tango would be complete without a dramatic dip. Fortunately, the president was well aware of his tango duties, supporting the woman's arm up in the air as she leaned back before the crowd. 
After their final year in the White House is finished, may we suggest a presidential run on Dancing With the Stars?
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